Congratulations, Sir Patrick Stewart, for today is the day you have become a true New Yorker. It wasn't enough that you bought that fancy duplex in Park Slope, or tried to save that bird or even that you voiced our collective angst for the city's most notorious ripoff. No, it was today: the day you ate your first "slice" of New York corner pizzeria pizza.

Look at that form! A more perfect New York fold the city has never seen. More points awarded for the red pepper flakes, a tribute to your daring, your exquisite taste, your lust for life. The Mayor should personally offer you a key to the city for your child-sized, Hizzoner-approved soda cup.

You also set the scene perfectly, choosing a pizzeria close to home—we hope Park Slope's Smiling Pizza welcomed you in a manner befitting your Captain's rank. Today's New York Times casually resting beneath your arm, perhaps for your post-pizza perch on a sun-drenched bench in Prospect Park.

You even dressed for the occasion, donning the New York City staple, the black t-shirt, perfect for hiding errant grease stains and looking svelte after consuming a day's worth of calories on cheese and bread. But come now—you live in Brooklyn! Time to replace that Canadiens hat with something a little closer to home. We know you want to!