This glorious cookbook from the 1960s, titled Swingers & Singers In The Kitchen, features "dozens of nutty, turned-on, easy-to-prepare recipes from the grooviest gourmets happening." The book was published in 1967, and the recipes inside come from the likes of The Rolling Stones (who offer Hot Dogs on the Rocks), Sonny and Cher, Barbra Streisand, and even Leonard Nimoy.

As the back jacket copy describes, this book is helpful for almost any type of happening: "For barbecues, parties, soul sessions, double dates or happenings, here are dozens of easy-to-prepare, easy-on-the-bread, star-studded dishes that will keep you grooving with the greatest." Below is Simon & Garfunkel's potato pancake recipe, now all you need to do is travel back to the 1960s for a classic New York cocktail party setting:

Private party on the balcony of a New York City apartment building, summer 1969. (LIFE)

From the cookbook: "For informal get-togethers with their friends, Simon and Garfunkel have adapted an old-time New York favorite, Potato Pancakes, as an appetizer. The basic recipe is the same; only the size is different. For bite-sized appetizers, spoon the mixture with a teaspoon. As a main course, use this recipe."

(serves 4)

4 large potatoes
1/4 cup milk
1 onion
2 tablespoons flour
1 teaspoon salt

Grate potatoes into the milk. Grate the onion into the mixture. Add flour and salt and mix well. Spoon mixture one tablespoon at a time into hot oil. Brown on one side, then turn. Drain on a paper towel, and serve piping hot with apple sauce or sour cream.

[via Voices of East Anglia]