Neighborhood cafes have long had complicated relationships with free WiFi: laptop users nursing a single cup of coffee over many hours do make the shops look busy, but they may also be taking away space from those willing to buy more. So recently, Brooklyn Heights coffee shop Vineapple tried out a different strategy: they put up a handwritten note by the register asking customers directly to buy one drink per one hour of WiFi use.

Owner Pooja Raj told the Post, “The only reason we tried it was because people were camping out and getting free Wi-Fi." It seems the policy didn't last so long, since the sign has since been taken down, and the Post says they now have a "more freewheeling policy" of a purchase of food/drink every two hours or so.

Back in June, Raj spoke to Brooklyn Paper about the ideal atmosphere for the cafe: “But for now, we just want to be a place where people feel welcome, where the vibe is good, where there are no rules. Yes, you can bring your kids, yes, you can work here on your laptop. We’re all about creating a feeling of community.” As Brooklyn Heights Blog points out, Mashable did a survey of local cafes earlier this summer to discover the proper coffee shop etiquette; many of the baristas recommended giving extra tips if you plan on staying there all day, especially if your bladder can't handle multiple drinks.

At least these local places are friendly and open to people setting up camp all day, unlike several Starbucks locations in the city which have started covering up their electrical outlets. Next thing you know, they're going to tell us we can't play with our utensils while we eat: