Brooklyn Bowl has been open for a while now, and for the most part receiving favorable reviews... until Bloomberg News paid a visit, that is. While the establishment has fancy foods and couches, unlike the still-preferable Gutter, their writer points out that it may just be the ESPN Zone of Hipsterburg, complete with "barbecue-sauced balls." Being draped in leather couches and flat screen televisions comes with a price, of course, and the piece focuses on what they call lazy comfort food with a Times Square price tag. One menu item that isn't really fit for this economic climate is the $13 milkshake; it contains whatever a normal milkshake would, with the added ingredients of Nutella and whiskey (what, no truffles and gold flakes?). Sounds good, tastes good, but as the writer points out, "a $13 milkshake can’t be right. Leave my junk-food prices alone." Okay, so maybe Fred Flintstone wouldn't bowl here, but would you?