The shot-and-a-beer combo has come full circle, from its early 19th century days as a working man's favorite, to the cheapo Williamsburg dive staple and now as the subject of a cool new cocktail bar in the East Village. At Boilermaker, there are boilermakers, of course, the classic name for the now ubiquitous drink combo. Where the Brooklyn iteration is more of the canned beer/well whiskey variety, here the pairings are slightly more sophisticated, though you'll find both Narragansett and Tecate on the menu.

Budget options like the $6 and $7 ones mentioned above can be upgraded to the $9 Dark & Bitter, with Victory Storm King Stout and a shot of Ramazzotti Amaro (a bitter Italian digestif) or the more potent Beer Eye On The Straight Rye ($10), an imperial pint of Two Brothers Cain & Able Red Rye Ale with a sidecar of Sazerac 6 Year Rye. Groups of three or more can even get a king's ransom of booze in the Bucket of Boilermakers; a possibly night-ending (beginning?) order of six Miller High Lifes and six shots of Buffalo Trace. Go big or go home, people.

What could be gimmicky gets softened by the bar's excellent cocktail and beer program, which features dozens of tap beers and cocktails plus other options in cans, bottles and by the glass. Absolutely order the fantastic Uncle Jalapeno ($10) tap cocktail, a mouth-searing blend of blanco tequila, jalapeno and Prince Robot's pineapple soda. Most of the beers are available in pitcher form as well and shots of Heaven Hill can be added to any order for $2, naturally.

For a place with such a focus on great alcohol, they're keeping it simple when it comes to the food. The few options available, however, are fantastic, especially the jumbo wings fried up by Chef Miguel Trinidad. The battered beauties can be order in BBQ or Spicy varieties but those in-the-know should definitely try to off-menu Curry sauce, a fiery, spice-heavy coating that elevates the casual wing to something unexpected and different. The burgers are also excellent, topped with pickled veggies and a slightly sweet fig aioli. Speaking of mayos, choices like Truffle, Chipotle and Celery Seed gussy up the salty, skin-on fries. You want these.

13 First Avenue, 212-995-5400; website

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