After much speculation on Gridskipper and Eater, Shopsin's, the infamously cult-like diner in Greenwich Village, has definitely closed for good. NYC Nosh got an email from Kenny Shopsin:

Yes we are closed for good. You should read this sentence with emphasis on the last word. My family and I have a strong sense that there is an art to staying small, and humble. Our departure is a happy event meant to continue the success we have shared with you and our other friends. See you at Essex. Ken

(Kenny Shopsin was referring to a stand at Essex Street Market.)

Calvin Trillin wrote an ode of sorts about Shopsin's for The New Yorker. Shopsin's was a weird place. You could get all sorts of foods there, but sometimes you had to jump through hoops to get in - it was sort of like the Soup Nazi of diners.

Will you miss Shopsin's? In 2004, a film about Shopsin's, I Like Killing Flies, was released. We're not sure about DVD availability.

Photograph of pancakes, French toast, sausage, and bacon at Shopsin's by Tien Mao