We are now living in the Era Of The $40 Lobster Roll, where every crustacean—whether pilfered or legally obtained—is a potential goldmine. Such seems to be the aim of one Long Island woman, who allegedly stole $65 worth of live lobsters from a Suffolk County Shop Rite last week.

According to authorities, the unidentified woman stole the lobsters from a Shop Rite in Hauppauge on July 29th, around 12:50 p.m. She allegedly put them in a reusable bag, then left the store without paying, reportedly driving off in a white SUV. She has not yet been apprehended, and is presumably either in the process of obtaining licensing for her own overpriced Midtown food truck, setting the lobsters free somewhere out in the wild blue yonder, or perhaps being served a lobster feast by John Cleese.

And Likely Lobster Thief isn't the only shoplifter plaguing Long Island stores. Suffolk County Police are also looking for a man they believe stole about $2,500 worth of merchandise from a Central Islip Target on Tuesday, with spoils including Rogaine, Crest White Strips, Allegra-D and toothpaste. He allegedly put the merchandise in a shopping cart, then fled in a getaway van driven by an accomplice.

Anyone with information about either suspect should call Suffolk County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS.