This afternoon via Twitter, Shiner announced: "After 104 years, Shiner Beer is coming to New York." This furthers our suspicions that the next big NY Times Style section trend piece will be about the Austinification of Brooklyn (the borough is even getting an Alamo Drafthouse).

The beer comes from Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas and it's all anyone not living in Texas talks about upon arriving in Texas. This one time, we saw someone replace actual things they owned in their luggage with six packs of Shiner Bock on the way back from SXSW. So, Prosit indeed, to all of you fanatics.

But one beer connoisseur down south tells us we'll all get over it—"No one actually drinks it here. There's WAY too many awesome other beers to drink from local places (the equivalent of Sixpoint). I think the biggest thing is just that it wasn't distributed in NYC, so there's that feeling of I want what I can not have."