Perhaps that "Healthy Foods Financing Initiative" was more of a personal move for Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, now that she's trying to lose her baby weight. After giving birth 20 months ago, Gillibrand has been dieting her weight off. And, like any good celebrity, she's posted her diet tricks online.

She told Capital New York, “All new moms struggle through the same things. Having helpful tools makes all the difference." For her, that means no liquid besides water and decaf coffee, snacks of no-fat, no-sugar yogurt and playing squash with Al Franken. It's that simple! She also occasionally "splurges" on raspberries. She also tells the Daily News that she aims for eating 1,200 calories a day, and writes down everything she eats.

Gillibrand has also teamed up with food celebrity Rachel Ray to lobby for the Child Nutrition Act, which would set a higher reimbursement rate for healthy foods in public school cafeterias. Ray asked the Times, “How could you go to any state in the union and say you are not for an extra couple of cents to eradicate hunger, to make our kids healthier, stronger, better focused?" Ray has already helped to create a new menu for the New York City school system, with whole wheat chicken tacos and a ratatouille-style stew. So Pies on Sticks isn't going to make the cut?