When we discovered that NYC's long Shamrock Shake drought had finally ended, and sweet drops of nourishing green diglyceride were once again showering down upon our fair city, we were happier than a leprechaun getting Warwick Davis's autograph. But then a reader had to McHarsh the Vibewich and send us this photo of the shake's calorie. It would seem that the minty delicious holiday beverage is not specifically too nutritious.

According to the McDonald's website says, the 12 ounce version weighs in at just 420 (dude!) calories. Our tipster tells us the sign at the this Times Square McDonald's puts the 16 ouncer at 680 calories. At least McDonald's decided to just embrace the mandatory calorie info disclosure with a large font and a big circle around it, as if to say, "ONLY 680 calories!" And if you think about it, that's fewer calories than a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese (740) and even fewer calories than their fancy Angus Mushroom & Swiss (770).

All of McDonald's calorie information can be found on their website, but you have to download a pdf to peruse it. Alternatively, you could just enjoy yourself and buy yourself some extra pairs of green pants with elastic waistbands.