It's the mark of a true New Yorker to have strong feelings about Papaya King's hot dogs and fruit drinks versus those offerings over at Gray's Papaya. Cheap late-night dogs and suspicious tropical smoothies are regional treasures, as essential to this city's heartbeat as tweeting about the subway and half-caring about sports. But now, it appears Papaya King's out to shatter its indispensable New York exclusivity by agreeing to SHIP ITS HOT DOGS outside the city. That's right—some yahoo out in Omaha will be able to dine on Papaya King dogs without ever setting foot on St. Marks Place. What is this world coming to?

This frustrating news comes to us courtesy of Eater, which reports that Papaya King will be sending its dogs out via food delivery service Goldbely. You can purchase a "Classic New York hot dog kit" for $69, a 50 hot dog pack for $89, a "ball park hot dog kit" for $99 or a 50-dog "Feast" kit for $149—the shipping's free, though these prices are still a far cry from Papaya King's blessed $5 two-dog combo special.

Eater hypothesizes this particular shipping service will be utilized primarily by "ex-New Yorkers jonesing for a taste of home," but let's be frank; once you've penned your farewell piece for The New Yorker you've lost all rights to Papaya King. Stick with those Midwest wieners, losers.