Tired of blankly facing one cold, listless day after the next? Find yourself murmuring "Goodbye, old friend" to the sun before it sets at 4:55 p.m.? Turn off your seasonal affective disorder lamp: maybe you just need fried chicken. Specifically, fried chicken from Alphabet City's newest purveyor of soul food, Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter.

There are essentially two ways to go at Bobwhite: bird or swine. Chicken suppers come fried or grilled, with your choice of dark or white meat, a homemade buttermilk biscuit and a leafy salad on the side. The fried chicken, organic and free-range, is perfectly crisp; juicy without unleashing a grease river down your forearms. And the accompanying biscuit, fluffy and buttery, disappears too soon.

A supper will set you back $9.50 or $11.50, depending on if you're a true Patriot and enjoy flavor (dark meat) or if you're one of those Santacon types (white meat).

We haven't had a chance to sample the pork sandwich, which is a seared porkchop (sourced from EcoFriendly foods in Virginia) with mustard relish (chow-chow) and mayo on a bun. It has been garnering raves and we witnessed a man inhale one before debating ordering another.

Owner Keedrick Coulter, who left a job in finance to open Bobwhite, chose Avenue C because "we like the vibe, the diversity, and mostly because we want to offer the types of ingredients we use—seasonal, heritage, humane, sustainable—to a wider audience." Chef Amanda Beame, a Blue Smoke alum, prepares it all, including the desserts, and the simple menu, which is the same at lunch and dinner, isn't expected to change a whole lot besides using seasonal ingredients. A liquor license is also in the works.

What we didn't see was anyone ordering the grilled chicken. "I'll let these people get tired of the fried chicken, then I'll push the grilled chicken on them," Coulter, a Roanoke, Virginia, native said. As much as we hope he's right, we're not sure if that's realistic.

94 Avenue C // (212) 228-2972