Shake Shack's first-ever location will close for approximately five months to undergo renovations at some point this year. The Madison Square Park Shake Shack, which just celebrated its tenth anniversary with great fanfare and record-setting lines, will undergo the facelift to expand its kitchen prep area and create additional storage space in the basement, DNAinfo reports. Here's the official statement from Edwin Bragg, Shack Director of Marketing & Communications:

We are looking forward to making some much-needed improvements to the Madison Square Park Shake Shack. The Shake Shack building will be in the exact same space that it’s in now, and it won’t take up additional public park space. The renovations will be focused in and around the Shack, and will not impede the use of the park by the public. The kiosk's footprint will be slightly expanded (by 4 feet) into the existing Shake Shack exterior space to ensure additional room for food preparation. The downstairs renovations will allow for more storage.

All of the seating will still remain outside. Shake Shack is covering the cost of the renovations. The renovations will not shut down the public park, but the Shack will be closed for approximately five months, hopefully in the winter. The plans have been approved by the PDC, and we plan to pursue all permits and approvals so we can begin improvements later this year.

It's going to be a long, hard winter for workers in the Flatiron District, but rest assured that Shake Shack will reemerge bigger, stronger, more virile, and it would take an apocalyptic catastrophuck to dislodge it from this location. In 2009 the Madison Square Park location raked in $4.9 million, with $220,256 of that going to the city and $348,389 to the Madison Square Park Conservancy, according to an interesting 2010 article in Next City about gross inequities in the NYC park system. (A Shake Shack spokesman declined to share more recent details about its proceeds with Gothamist.) [h/t DNAinfo]