Shake Shack – that object of obsession for so many burger lovers within a 10-mile radius of Madison Square Park – reopens today for their first winter season. Gothamist commenter MaiaW articulated the passion and excitement best when we first reported the year-round Shaction last month: “OMG, OMG. Now I have absolutely NO excuse not to eat there once a week (calories shmalories). Woo hooooo!!”

With typically disheartening lines stretching almost out of the park, Shake Shack has risked becoming a victim of their own success, but they’re working to address the hour-plus wait times by accepting phone-in orders for pick-ups. They also took our advice and set up a live webcam enabling those nearby to time their mission. Now, in addition to installing heat lamps for the seating area, they’re also putting in heat lamps to warm those waiting on line. Eater has details about the lamps from Shack reps; they’re not expected to be ready until next week.

The Shack began selling their addictive burgers, dogs and “concrete” shakes at 11:30am today. If you brave the 17 degree cold to get your fix, let us know if it was worth it!

Photo by Dan Dickinson.