Though it officially opens today, blogger Dessert Buzz was on the scene this weekend for the "soft opening" of the hotly anticipated new Upper West Side location of Shake Shack. It's okay to be jealous. The 'Shroom burger, the Bird Dog, the fries and the Custard of the Day, Shack Shiraz Poached Pear, were reportedly "all spot on. The Custard of the day was particularly superb. They had a designated greeter to explain things and hand out samples of the custard of the day. They gave me a remote electronic device to signal when to come get my food, which took about three minutes."

Did you go? Anyone quaff any of the Shake Shack wine? If you're planning on attacking the shack this week, the above custard calendar lets you plan your visit according to your taste. Serious Eats also has photos from the historic, life-affirming opening night.