Shake Shack

, Danny Meyer's insanely popular upscale burger joint, is expanding, with new Manhattan locations planned for the theater district and the Upper East Side (as well as the previously announced Nolita outpost, plus Miami Beach and Kuwait). In all, five new Shake Shacks will open in 2010, and Meyer's not stopping there. In an adulatory Times profile, he says "in five years we could have 20, mostly up and down the East Coast." And why not? These shacks make bank.

According to restaurant consultant Technomic, McDonald’s takes in an average of $2.29 million in yearly revenues from each of its 13,958 outlets, while Shake Shack does $4 million in yearly sales from their two Manhattan locations alone. "A hamburger stand is a very democratizing amenity," says Meyer, sounding veritably Friedmanesque. “We hope that each new Shake Shack can become both a citizen of, and mirror of, their communities.” One Shack to rule them all and in the darkness line them.

The Nolita location is expected to open in the spring, and the other Manhattan locations in the summer. The theater district Shake Shack will be at the southwest corner of 8th Avenue & 44th Street, at the base of the InterContinental New York Times Square. Uptown, lines will form at the Upper East Side Shack Shack at East 86th Street, between Lexington and 3rd Avenue. According to Meyer's publicist, it will be "in a unique one-story building that will feature an outdoor seating oasis on one of the city’s busiest blocks."