Elmhurst residents, get ready to experience some looong lines and a potential 20-pound weight gain—soon-to-be-ubiquitous Shake Shack is set to debut a new location in the area.

DNAinfo reported yesterday that the speedily-expanding eatery will open an outpost at the Queens Center Mall sometime in 2016. Though the Queens Center Mall location won't be the first place to boast Shackburgers in the borough, as both Citi Field and John F. Kennedy Airport have very popular stalls, it will be Queens's first standalone station, and you won't have to suffer through a Mets game or get felt up by a TSA agent to score a meal.

Once a small Madison Square Park hot dog stand, Shake Shack has spread all over the world like a very tasty plague, going so far as to make its initial public offering in January.