Serious Eats reports that the UWS Shake Shack location will begin serving corndogs during Memorial Day weekend. Per the post, Danny Meyer and his crew of nostalgic, frozen custard loving, fast food scientists are currently busy perfecting the batter recipe at Union Square Hospitality Group's remote facilities on Shake Island, located somewhere in the North Bronx. Serious Eats says the corn dog will be available at the end of this month, and then will "reappear as a summer holiday special around July 4 and Labor Day." As others have noted, corn dog madness seems to be on the rise: along with the Shack Corn Dog, talented chef Akhtar Nawab has added a house made corn dog to his brunch menu, and the dank, "corn smut" (or huitlacoche) corn dog first served by Sam Mason at Tailor has now migrated across town to join the hot dog pantheon at PDT. Will Daniel Boulud's beer-and-sausage based DBGB, which will be previewed on Saturday, be the next spot to offer up another kind of corn dog?