In a stunning reversal, Shake Shack has decided to ditch the fresh cut fries they debuted almost a year to the day. In a letter on its blog, the chain announced that beginning in November the "CRINKLES WILL BE BACK!!!" [emphasis theirs] but without any pesky artificial ingredients that may have been present in their first frozen iteration.

The letter contains lots of words like "learning" and "listened" and "no regrets" but all we hear is NO MORE SOGGY FRIES. Look, you tried, Shake Shack, and nobody can fault you for that! But the Danny Meyer brainchild never quite got the hang of its new spuds offerings. If any amount of time was allowed to pass between fryer and mouth, they'd take on a listless quality only out-matched by their odd metallic taste.

So welcome back crinklies! You've been missed.