Corporate dweebs may have jumped ship on the incomparable Public Theater following the world's stupidest "controversy." But local heroes Shake Shack are stepping up with some financial support in the form of delicious milkshakes.

Beginning on July 11th—timed to coincide with the Public's debut of A Midsummer Night's Dream—the Upper West Side Shack will serve "The Shake-speare" shake ($5.79), with 100% of the sales donated directly to the theater.

"Shake Shack was founded to support the Madison Square Park Conservancy's first art installation 'I ♥ Taxi' and we’ve been supporting public arts ever since," Edwin Bragg, Vice President of Marketing & Communications, told us about why Shake Shack decided to throw support to the Public Theater. "Shakespeare in the Park is such a beloved New York institution, and one that we're thrilled to support."

Take THAT, Bank of America.

Excellent cause aside, we regret to inform you that Shake Shack has jumped on the unicorn bandwagon. The shake is a strawberry and rose concoction topped with whipped cream and "fairy dust sprinkles." Could be worse.