Brace yourself, East Village, because we've got a new Shake Shack alert! Looks like the Shack is going to be arriving in Astor Place this summer. Remember when there were three Starbucks in Astor Place? Just saying there are an awful lot of Shake Shacks now and there's a precedent.

This is refreshing new territory for Shake Shack, which operates a serious dearth of burger joints in this part of Manhattan. Between the Battery and 23rd Street there are just two Shake Shacks: the Madison Square Park original and the one in the Fulton Center. Danny Meyer's just giving the people what they want: the opportunity to avoid the Chop’t also operating at 51 Astor Place in favor of cheese fries and a concrete. #Hero

Expect some "cool features" at this location, a spokesperson told Gothamist in confirming the new location, which DNAinfo reports has a 15-year lease.