Boy Williamsburg you're having quite a week with your brand new Starbucks, and now here comes news that you could be getting a Shake Shack to call your own!

Kenneth Vasquez, the assistant superintendent of the forthcoming residential building at 76th North 4th Street, told us this morning that Shake Shack has approached the owners of the building about leasing the commercial space on the corner at Berry Street. The name has been "brought up in meetings" but Vasquez doesn't know how far along the owners are in deciding on a tenant.

A Shake Shack spokesman wouldn't confirm the news, telling us they're "huge fans of Williamsburg, but at the moment we don't have anything concrete to share. As far as Brooklyn goes, right now we're focused on our DUMBO location which opened last month, and we're putting the finishing touches on our Flatbush Avenue location which we hope to open in early August." That's not a denial!

Justin Montgomery, a bartender at nearby Radegast Hall & Biergarten, says the construction workers who are regulars at the bar revealed some other possible tenants. "They're talking about Marshall's and TJ Maxx's going in and subterranean parking lots," Montgomery said. Pressed if he believed the rumors, he replied, "I mean, look at the state of Williamsburg. Yeah, probably." He also says he's not worried about competition from Danny Meyer; "We're Radegast. We have good burgers too and we have beers they don't have."

Additional reporting by Shayla Love. [h/t Free Williamsburg]