That's a quick clean-up! Less then a week after word spread about the Shake Shack's abysmal Health Inspection report (140 points!) we got the following message from Danny Meyer, proprietor of said Shack:

I am happy to announce that Shake Shack has passed its most recent health inspection today. The results are expected to be posted on the health department’s website on Wednesday.

Reducing our score from 140 to 14 points in one week is a testimony to the extraordinary work and dedication on the part of our staff. We are also deeply grateful to our many loyal customers and fans who, confident that we would address the structural issues behind our last inspection, showed up in such strong numbers that we were just as busy as ever this week.

Operating a small, stand-alone establishment in an open park setting is both a privilege and a challenge. Our goal remains to get a perfect score on our next inspection. Our 14 points all relate to the observation of flies and we will do everything possible to send them to another part of the city!

Mm-hmm. 140 points down to 14 is pretty impressive (anything below 27 is "acceptable"). We wonder how much those bribes cost Meyer... We kid, we kid! We're happy they managed to pull such a swift turnaround as a post-work Shack Burger remains one of our favorite ways to forget that we spend half our days in a cube farm.

The line at the Shake Shack on Saturday afternoon.