With new locations opening literally everywhere, it's hard to get excited about a new Shake Shack announcement...UNTIL TODAY. The homegrown chain finally introduced a fried chicken fast food sandwich, the ChickenShack, the first radical departure from burgers in their new food items since those breakfast sandwiches. But here's the catch: you gotta go to Brooklyn.

The company will only be selling the chicken sandwich at their Brooklyn Shacks: Dumbo, Downtown Brooklyn and Flatbush Avenue near the Barclays Center. But if you're in the area, here's what you'll get! The sandwich features an all-natural, antibiotic-free chicken breast that's breaded and fried, then combined with lettuce, pickles and a buttermilk herb mayo. Price-wise, it falls right in the middle of the chain's sandwich prices at $6.29.

Fast food-style chicken sandwiches are enjoying something of a gourmet renaissance at the moment, with David Chang's new joint Fuku heating up 1st Avenue (for price comparison, his sandwich is $8).

Update: We ate it! Here's a review.