Last night, the NYC Wine & Food Festival held its annual Burger Bash at the Tobacco Warehouse in DUMBO, launching hundreds of meat comas. Wait, make that hundreds of meat comas brought to you by the Blue Moon Burger Bash presented by Pat LaFrieda Meats, hosted by Rachael Ray. While there were dozens of participants, including The 21 Club, Minetta Tavern, and more, Shake Shack's offering won the hearts of judges. The people's choice award went to what The Feed calls "Bobby Flay’s tortilla chip-topped gut bomb...a hybrid of burger and ballpark nacho." Pass the Zantac, please!

Eater's Joshua David Stern considered the gastrointestinal toll the event takes in his wrap-up of the event (he noticed Mayor Bloomberg rolling his eyes—a not uncommon sight—and the many buses lining Front Street): "As one fills up on burgers, the bar gets higher and higher as the actual enjoyment of eating is replaced with a sickening feeling of fullness. Therefore, the first burger — tasted when starving — is inevitably remembered more fondly than the last burger, no matter how high the quality, eaten when feeling gassy and gross and contemplating the line at the Port-a-Johns. Perhaps the judges shouldn't eat ensemble but vary the order of burgers eaten between themselves to mitigate this tendency."