Put down the Sbarro and pick up a 'Shroomburger: Shake Shack is coming to JFK. Danny Meyer's oh-my-god-they're-everywhere burger joint will open in JFK's newly revamped Terminal 4 this May along with a few other big names in the food business, like Marcus Samuelsson, La Brea Bakery and The Palm.

In addition to concretes and crinkle fries, Meyer will also open a satellite version of his barbecue restaurant, Blue Smoke On The Road, offering ribs and other meaty accoutrement plus specialty cocktails to wash down your pre-flight Xanex. Samuelsson, not to be outdone, will also open two restaurants: Uptown Brasserie, a New York style restaurant serving "classic American favorites with international influences" and the infinitely more interesting-sounding Street Food, where you can sample on-the-go foodstuffs inspired by street food around the world.

Other inductees to the inaugural Terminal 4 class are steakhouse The Palm Bar & Grill; baked goods from La Brea Bakery and Cake Tin; French-inspired brasserie Le Grand Comptoir, which boasts an impressive selection of wines; sushi bar Asobu; and organic food market Camden food co. All of this sounding a little too highbrow for your pre-flight palate? You can still get your chain resto fix at Dunkin' Donuts and McDonalds or throw back some shots and beers at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Tourists officially have no reason to ever leave the airport again. None at all.