2006_06_food_nyc_vs_sf.jpgSan Francisco Chronicle restaurant critic Michael Bauer poses a heated question to his readers: Is New York better than San Francisco? His thoughts on the matter are clear:

I've been asked the question of which is better many times, and I have a stock answer. Because of its size New York has more to offer, but if we viewed things on a per capita basis, San Francisco would blow the Big Apple to bits.

I do believe that collectively, we have far more adventuresome and sophisticated palates. Yet there's a big difference in the attitude here.

Our cuisine is ingredient-driven.Bay Area chefs shop and then cook. It's all about what's freshest.

New York is technique-driven. After all, when the products don't sing, the chefs still have to build the chorus.

Readers have been chiming in with their opinions, creating a lively debate. We, of course, already know the answer, although our bretheren at SFist may not want to admit that it's true . . .

Photo via Slashfood