Town restaurant

Two gay waiters at Town, on West 56th at the Chambers Hotel, are saying that other employees discriminated against them. Servers Andrew Butler and Kevin O'Brien have filed suit against the restaurant, chef/owner Geoffrey Zakarian, and other employees. They say the worst came from sommelier Sean Rawlinson, who shoved wine bbottles into Butler's anus and, when attacking O'Brien with wine bottles, saying, "Is it big enough for you? Maybe you're used to magnum size." Also, apparently busboys used "anti-gay slurs and [grabbing Butler's] buttocks and genitals." Butler and O'Brien say general managers ignored their complaints and that the restaurant also stiffed lower-paid employees on tips. Town has no comment, as they haven't seen the lawsuit yet.

As anyone knows from reading Kitchen Confidential, teasing and macho posturing are part of the kitchen life and people need to be tough (like the lone female chef in the kitchen, being harassed by a guy, who then turned around and grabbed the guy's balls). But this - this sounds insane. Can anyone people who have worked in restaurants (and their kitchens) tell us about what goes on?