Remember that ad campaign called "Everything I Do Is Wrong?" The one that promised exasperated men that they could soothe their PMS-ing banshee women with milk? The one that got a whole lot of people really pissed off? Don't worry about it, because now it's shutting down early.

The campaign, which prompted widespread outrage (see here, here and here), was supposed to run through the end of August. The campaign's microsite, formerly, has since been changed to, with the note that "“regrettably, some people found our campaign about milk and PMS to be outrageous and misguided—and we apologize to those offended."

Still, the execs behind the whole shebang don't seem to be taking full accountability for their mess: “We accomplished what we set out to accomplish," said Steve James, executive director of the California milk board. "I don’t see [taking down] as ending it or pulling the plug." And because generating buzz was the campaign's goal, in a sense he's kind of right.