A junior chef at a posh midtown restaurant associated with Gordon Ramsay has filed a complaint with the State Division of Human Rights, accusing cooks at Gordon Ramsay at The London NYC of sexually harassing her. And after she couldn't take it any more and complained, the male chefs refused to work with her and staged a walkout. Commis chef Janet Kim claims she was groped, called a "whore" and propositioned for oral sex while working in the kitchen, and she tells The Post, "We're way past 'Hell's Kitchen'. It's more like Dante's Inferno."

After she complained about the sexual harassment that allegedly runs rampant in the kitchen, she says she was "forced to make tiny hors d'oeuvres in what her male colleagues derisively called 'the c--t corner.'" And her complaint alleges that she wasn't alone in the "c--t corner"; executive chef Markus Glocker "repeatedly assigned Asian females" to work there. "Every cook in fine dining is suspended for walking out," says Kim. "No one will talk to me." If these allegations are true, it sounds like maybe she's better off.

Oh, and the Post notes that Gordon Ramsay no longer owns the restaurant, and only works with the place as a consultant. But his name is still attached, and his shadow still looms long over the establishment—Kim's shocked and appalled lawyer tells the tabloid, "It's outrageous that someone as famous as Gordon Ramsay... would allow this to go on." It's a real...Kitchen Nightmare.

Update: Ramsay's publicist gave us this statement, "Gordon Ramsay has not been served with any proceedings and these allegations do not relate to him in anyway. The restaurant ‘Gordon Ramsay’ at The London, New York is not owned or operated by Gordon Ramsay or Gordon Ramsay Holdings (GRH) and hasn’t been since November 2009 when all operations were handed back to the hotel. Neither Gordon Ramsay or GRH have any involvement with or responsibility for the operation of the restaurant, including anything to do with human resources which is entirely the responsibility of the owners."