It's a pour your own pint situation at Paloma Rocket, a newly-debuted Lower East Side beer bar at 7 Clinton Street. The high tech new bar offers some 30 brews on tap, reports Bedford and Bowery, and customers can read all about them on screens atop each tap handle before pulling the lever and committing. And all the while, minimum human interaction. Bliss!

There are staff members ("Beer Ambassadors"), of course, there to help if need be and also to sell you a "Beer 2 Go" card, which you'll use to pay for the brews as you go. Pick from a pint up to a growler, with beers going between 40 cents and $1.20 per once, depending on what kind of beer you're going for. There are plans to expand the offerings in the future, too. "Before you blink your eyes she will be running with Prosecco and wine on tap, an artisanal sausages and roasted veggie menu, sake/soju cocktails, a super fun beer program, a beer academy, and a sidewalk cafe..." according to the website.

The bar's only in soft open mode at the moment, which means Fridays and Saturdays and the only time to stop by for a drink. But come May, expect full-time hours plus some of the above promises, perhaps.