The Times has a fabulous feature on the city schools' search for a chef to plan menus for its 1.1 million public school kids: "Meals must appeal to youthful but discerning palates from Staten Island to the Bronx and cost about $2 each, if not less, to produce." The city is always trying to improve cafeteria food, but kids, raised on fast food, are dismissive. eporter Elissa Gootman went to check out Bronx students taste-testing various dishes, with the kids responding to vegetable chow mein with "That's nasty." Forget the cutthroat world of restaurant reviewing - these kids are tough. Besides needing to plan 800,000 meals a day under tight budgets that will still be healthy and tasty to kids, Gothamist sees something else that's important to consider: Making sure the food isn't invitation to food fights. Example, mashed potatoes are great, whereas rice is not as conducive.

The rumor at Smith College was that Class of '34's Julia Child had influenced the menu. Gothamist believed it, as most of the food was heavy and buttery. Hello, first year fifteen.

Another big deal in the world of NY food: The Time Warner Center restaurants.