Yes, we know that it was just Purim, but that simply means Passover is only a few weeks away (and even if you forgot, we know your mother already called you this past weekend to remind you). Even if you haven't locked in your plans for the weekend of April 6, New York is full of options for keeping it kosher l'pesach (kosher for Passover), from preparing a meal to consuming it. Here area few:

Starting simple, Kosher for Passover Coke is back! Coca-Cola's regular formula uses high-fructose corn syrup, which doesn't jive with the Passover crowd (the concept, reduced to one word, is kitiyot), so Coke every year releases a totally acceptable soda using real sugar (unlike Mexican coke!) with a bright yellow cap (not to be confused with Pepsi's non-HFCS Throwback).

Oh, but you want to talk seder? In the realm of prepared foods Shelsky's Smoked Fish, the Russian-Jewish food emporium on Smith Street, is taking orders through April 1 for everything from their regular fare of sturgeon, sable, and pickled herring, to artisanal matzo, gefilte fish, and fully prepared Seder dinners that include "Matzo ball soup, lamb shanks, potato kugel and apricot and prune Tzimmes."

And continuing in the "I just don't feel like cooking this year" category, the fourth generation owner of Kutsher’s Country Club—a borscht-belt Catskills resort where 1970s dignitaries like Andy Kaufman, Jackie Mason, or Wilt Chamberlain used to vacation (or perform)—recently opened Kutcher's Tribeca, landing "just short of kitsch," according to the New Yorker. Kitsch or no, they're offering a quite reasonable five-course prix fixe "traditional Seder dinner," boasting reimagined Eastern European Jewish classics including a "chopped duck and chicken liver" with pickled veggies, and the ever (un)popular gefilte fish "as a super-fresh disk of wild halibut chunks."

Although it probably won't actually be Kosher, you can also try out the soon-to-open La Vara in Cobble Hill, which is "a thesis of sorts on the cuisine’s Moorish and Jewish legacies." This will be the third restaurant opened by the husband-and-wife team behind Txikito, Eder Montero and Alex Raij.

Meanwhile, other restaurants offering actually kosher Passover menus include Abigael's,Talia's Steakhouse and Bar, and even Brasserie Julien.

Finally, for those sporting mini-people with limited palates for grown-up food, Time Out New York Kids compiled a list of child-appropriate Passover events, such as a family seder at the 92nd St. Y, or, if you're not that hungry and looking for a sing-along, a concert featuring folk singer David Grover and at the Jewish Museum. Though, c'mon. Between the questions and the stories Passover really isn't a hard holiday for tots!