2007_04_food_Monday.jpgIt’s hard to keep a secret in this town. Maybe with so many people, so close together privacy seems a foreign concept. But as we learned on the playground back in third grade, “secrets, secrets are no fun, unless they are for everyone.” God, we were so smart back then. That being said, you probably know all about the Monday Room.

Actually, you may have even heard about it from us, when we spoke to Brad Farmerie, the Chef at Monday Room and Public about a month ago. It’s an intimate wine room attached to Public, filled with the required leather banquettes and rich dark wood. The creative, eclectic dishes Framerie whips up have earned both places quite a reputation. But more likely, you probably heard about the Monday Room from that friend of yours who won’t shut up about wine. For wine lovers like us, the Monday Room the represents a Holy Grail of sorts. It has the exotic, exciting selection of wines that you find at places like Cru but without having to drop hundreds of dollars on a bottle to get something great. The bonus of the list are the many great options by the ½ glass, glass and half bottle. Having this flexibly to taste different things is important, because with Wine Steward Ruben Sanz Ramiro at your disposable you’ll want to taste everything he recommends.

Perhaps he had an unfair advantage growing up in Ribera Del Duero in Spain, but Sanz Ramiro’s passion and knowledge of wine is tremendous and contagious. We recently sat down to chat with Sanz Ramiro to learn more about how he put together this mouth-watering wine list.

What was your philosophy in putting together the wine list?
I like wines with a good story or a soul behind it. I look for wines that represent a purity of terroir and a classical style of the wine. They should be very good quality for what you pay for it.

What do you want people to take away from their experience at Monday Room?

I have a responsibility to teach those who come in here and want to learn. I want to surprise them with new wines and get taboos out of their mind.

How often does the wine list change?
The list changes all the time. There are around 60 wines by the glass and bottle. We keep it dynamic as motivation to get people to come back and try something new and it makes my job more interesting as well.

What are the best values on the list?
The Sherrys are the best values. These are some of the most special wines in the world. They come from a very exclusive area and take a very long time to make. (The list has Fino, Manzanilla, Oloroso and Palo Cortado Sherry.)

What was one of the first wines that really blew you away?
It was when I discovered the red and white wines form Burgundy. Something special happened when I tasted these wines; I knew I had to continue to taste more. Growing up in Spain we only drank Spanish wines. When I moved to London I gained a whole new perspective on wine.

Any Recommendations off the current list?
The 2000 Gewürztraminer, Heissenberg , Domaine Julien Meyer ($5.50 ½ gls.) is at peak and has beautiful minerality. The 2005 Rotgipfler, Tagelsteiner, Stadlmann ($6.00 ½ gls.) from Austria is great and so is the Cour-Cheverny, Cuvée Renaissance from the Loire Valley ($6.50 ½ gls.)

To experience the most out of Monday Room we suggest that you allow Sanz Ramiro to put together a customized flight for you based on your preferences and your wallet. The flights range in price from $19 - $40 for three wines and you can add on a chef’s food pairing of three dishes for another $20. The Monday Room is open Monday through Saturday but there is limited seating (only 20 -25 seats). Reservations are a must since people like us can’t keep our mouths shut.

The Monday Room
210 Elizabeth Street