On January 1st a little-noticed Health Department rule will take effect, prohibiting street vendors from selling any seafood products. This is going to put a dent in the business of such vendors as the Schnitzel Truck, the Endless Summer Mexican truck, and the NYC Cravings Truck, to name a few. The Health Department's new code [pdf] declares that "no fish, shellfish, or any food consisting of or made with an aquatic animal...shall be prepared, stored, held for service or sold from a mobile food vending unit." Blogger Midtown Lunch, which spotted the change today, is not taking this well:

"The full ramifications of this are just sinking into my brain right now, and it’s easy to joke about the 'safety' of eating seafood from a truck," writes Midtown Lunch. "But think about all the great seafood options being offered right now from carts and trucks in Midtown alone...This must be some kind of a bad dream." We've contact the Health Department for more insight into what prompted the change, and will let you know what they say. But for now, enjoy that tilapia from Kwik Meal while you can.