Fans of both underaged and underground drinking, feel free to breath a sigh of relief: today, a Manhattan court promised to dismiss Scout Willis's pesky drinking-in-public charges, stemming from the then 20-year-old's June 4 arrest at the Union Square subway station for drinking a beer. Instead, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's progeny will have to perform two days of community service and stay out of trouble for the next six months, though that's no small feat for the young and wild!

Willis' lawyer, Stacey Richman, first argued that the eight ounce Pakistani beer Willis was accused of drinking was imaginary because eight ounce beers weren't brewed in Pakistan, then switched to pushing Willis' credentials as an Ivy League student and up-and-coming musician.

"Ms. Willis is an excellent student at Brown University; she is involved in a multitude of extracurricular activities and is, while maintaining her excellent scholastic standing, pursuing her music career interests and performing internationally," Richman wrote in her statement to the DA's office. "It seems entirely illogical for the country to saddle this young woman, no different from any of us at that age, with any aspect of a criminal record." (Though, to be fair, her father starred in Die Hard, so she's a little different from the rest of us at that age.) The deal Willis received is reportedly standard for a first-time offender with a clean record, and the defense attorney told E, "Ms. Willis did not receive any special treatment by the People."

Willis has until early October to serve her community service, which we're sure will be accompanied by a gratuitous paparazzi photo shoot and an exclusive interview with whichever poor soul will be doomed to host the Today Show this fall.