The time for gorging on flesh at Josh Ozersky's Meatopia is almost nigh, and you can score two free passes to the September 8 event on Randall's Island (a $297.38 value!) by designing them a new poster. Submit your entry of a design "that clearly conveys that Meatopia is an outdoor food festival with a focus on humanely raised meat and MUSIC, DRINK, & FIRE" by July 13. We're going with Steal Your Face superimposed over a bleeding, raw porterhouse.

This year's theme is "Meatopia 2012: City of Meat," which sounds kind of gross when you think about the 8 million inhabitants of New York City pretending to be something more than just walking bags of flesh, freed only by the capricious hand of Time. There's also themed "meat neighborhoods," like "Carcass Hill, The Deckle District, and Offalwood." Meet you at Cow Golgotha! It's past Chitterling County on the Pig's Feet Promenade.

The rub at these sort of festivals (besides the blend of herbs and spices rubbed into the meat, of course! HAHA) is always the lines, which have been a problem for Meatopia in the past. Ozersky vows in a release that this year will be different: "You don't go [to Meatopia] to wait in long lines. You go there to eat and drink and learn about the joys of progressive meat-eating.” He adds, “We're back to a green setting, we have great music and most importantly, the greatest chef roster that’s ever come together preparing dishes that aren’t available in their restaurants.”

That would include Mission Chinese's Danny Bowien, Meatopia's latest addition to the roster of 35 chefs in attendance, who'll be cooking "sizzling cumin-crusted lamb ribs with slow-roasted dates." For those of you who are already whining "Randall's Islaaaaannnnd" the ticket price includes a ferry ride from East 35th Street and a shuttle from Duke Ellington Circle.