The Super Bowl, an event during which people pummel each other on television while viewers consume large quantities of chips and tweet about commercials, is a grand American tradition. And one local steakhouse has decided to combine this with another grand American tradition, one that involves spending an absurd amount of money on something stupid just because you have the cash—they're offering a $4,900 wing deal on Super Bowl Sunday, because buffalo sauce doesn't have quite the same kick as foie gras.

The Post reports that this sports-related snack comes courtesy of Old Homestead in the Meatpacking District, a restaurant that recently celebrated Thanksgiving by offering a $35K Thanksgiving dinner complete with caviar and Wagyu beef. Nearly five grand nets you nine pieces of chicken—three covered in aforementioned foie gras, three in Louis XIII Cognac-infused cream, and three in $1,600 per ounce Royal Ossetra caviar. To top it all off, the last three wings are made of Kobe filet mignon and marinated in a $1K bottle of sake. It is unclear whether these wings will come with celery sticks and carrots, but someone will probably still glare at you if you ask for extra ranch dressing.

According to the tabloid, the restaurant is well aware this deal's a gimmick, but they still think someone will take the bait. "It's for a [sucker] who wants to do something extreme and extravagant, [a very wealthy and oblivious sucker] who is going to have champagne with their wings or wants to impress clients [by being a high-rolling sucker]," Greg Sherry, the restaurant's owner, said. The good news is that if someone does shell out for this, ten percent of the proceeds will benefit the "Why Not You" Foundation, which fights domestic violence and is headed by Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson—or you could just buy a bag of Doritos and write them a nice check instead.