Slice Out Hunger—arguably NYC's most egalitarian fundraiser disguised as a pizza free-for-all—returns on Wednesday, October 5th at St. Anthony's church's Lower Hall. The super popular annual pizza party brings together a Who's Who list of the NYC pizza scene—there are 56 pizzerias participating this year—who sell slices of their cheesy, carby gold for just $1 each. In turn, all the money collected from the event benefits City Harvest and the Food Band for New York City.

The event's thrown by pizza expert and founder of Scott's Pizza Tours Scott Wiener. Attendees are promised 1,538 pies at this year's event, from pizzerias far and wide including Best Pizza, Bruno, Denino's, Di Fara, Emily/Emmy Squared, Emmett's, Joe's Pizza, John's, Lombardi's, Lucali, Motorino, Nicoletta, Patsy's, Prince St. Pizza, Roberta's, Rubirosa, Speedy Romeo, Two Boots...and on, and on, and on. Pizzaphiles will notice that some of these institutions don't offer their wares by the slice, so this is a unique opportunity indeed.

Lines start to form around the block prior to the 6 p.m. opening, so it's always advisable to negotiate early release from work for 9 to 5ers or tap a ringer in your friend group to post up early. Upon entry, purchase $1 tickets (cash only), choose red tickets (slices; limit of 10) or blue tickets (drinks, desserts and raffle), pick up your special pizza box, and begin to work your way through the line. You can only get a single slice from each pizzeria, so plan accordingly or sharpen your bargaining skills now.

St. Anthony's Church, 155 Sullivan Street. Free to enter or purchase a VIP ticket ($100) that enables you and a friend to skip the line