First, we got the news that binging on junk food is like being addicted to cocaine; now, scientists are saying that fatty foods will damage your brain, and, ultimately, make you even fatter. Is this like that time science said that hot dogs cause butt cancer?

A study announced at the British Science Festival yesterday found that if you eat a diet heavy in saturated fat, your hypothalamus—which contains the neurons that help control your appetite—will be damaged, making it difficult for your body to eat a low-fat diet. So, the more fatty food you eat, the more inclined you'll be to eat too much fatty food, and the fatter you'll get. Something to mull over while you're stuffing a couple prosciutto-wrapped Twix bars down your esophagus.

But if you're a fan of the occasional piece of cake, worry not. Researchers say that while hypothalamus damage is likely from diets high in saturated fat, the occasional unhealthy snack won't hurt you. "The key is to avoid excessive weight gain and eat sensibly in the first place," Lynda Williams of the Rowett Institute for Nutrition and Health at Aberdeen University told the Daily News. "We all deserve a treat now and then." You know, like alzheimer-causing microwave popcorn.