Ah coffee, that miracle beverage that cures so many of life's ailments and the thing I simply must have before you speak to me. Beyond giving you a pep in your step that you would otherwise have to get from something like snortable chocolate, could coffee be the key to keeping you alive longer than you deserve? Science says, possibly! I look at the future and say yikes, maybe I should stop drinking this stuff.

A pair of new studies has backed up a previous study that suggested drinking coffee helps prolong your life, according to The Guardian. These new studies, per the paper, suggest that people who drink coffee every day have a lower risk of dying from strokes, heart disease and liver disease. Even better, for those of who don't like the jitters, the coffee could be caffeinated or decaf.

In one study, researchers followed the lives of 185,000 white and non-white people over 16 years. The study found that drinking at least one cup of coffee per day led to a "12% lower risk of death at any age, from any cause while those drinking two or three cups a day had an 18% lower risk."

In the second study, researchers kept up with 450,000 people across Europe over the course of 16 years. Accounting for things like age, physical condition and smoking "those who drank three or more cups a day were found to have a 18% lower risk of death for men, and a 8% lower risk of death for women at any age, compared with those who didn’t drink the brew."

The study came with the usual caveats where scientists warned that drinking extra coffee won't make you into some kind of Highlander who wanders the Earth unable to be killed, and that other lifestyle factors could be responsible for the boost in longevity. And let's not forget, looking at the state of the world and the coming horrible future, that maybe living forever would kind of suck. After all, no study has suggested that drinking a cup or two of joe per day will make you more able to survive life on Venus.