Wondering where all your bros have gone this weekend? Look no further than Atlantic City, because from tomorrow until Tuesday, the Golden Nugget Atlantic City will be hosting the World Pong Tour's fourth annual championship. For three days straight, teams and beer pong connoisseurs from all over the country will vie for the coveted title of World Pong Champion, in addition to a slightly less exciting $20,000 grand cash prize. But before you start working on getting your ping pong flick back in top form, be aware: the pong championship is open to anyone age 18 or older, which means the competition will be missing a pretty essential element—beer.

That's right: instead of loading up on cans of Keystone Light, the pong championship commissioners will be filling cups with water. Sure, we've all substituted pong beer with water to protect our parents' white carpet from suspicious stains, but at the very least, there's usually been a healthy supply of Coors to shotgun on the side. The World Pong Tour website adds that "playing with water also ensures a smooth event," which—wait, seriously, who the hell plays beer pong without getting drunk? What is beer pong without beer??

You can sign up for the tournament here. Registration is $65 per player, which we assume covers the cost of Solo cups, fraternity paddles and Brazilian bikini bottoms. And if you're not pumped yet, be sure to check out this promo for the event below, and please note that it is sponsored by acclaimed thespian Adam Sandler's newest disaster vehicle,That's My Boy: