Now wannabe hipsters won't even have to leave Ohio to get an authentic slice of NYC pizza! Sbarro LLC announced their latest branding innovation: a new line of fast-casual eateries called Brooklyn Fresh. Slap "Brooklyn" on literally anything and they will come…to Ohio.

The new concept will offer 10- and 13- inch made-to-order pizzas, pastas and salads and unlike its mall-based counter part, it won't offer slices. Imagine Motorino except not in Brooklyn and not, ya know, actually fresh. The new concept, which joins Sbarro's other new fast-casual expansion Pizza Cucinova, opens at some point next year in Columbus.

In all fairness to Sbarro—who says we're not equitable?—the brand has roots in Brooklyn, as the origins of the now ubiquitous pizza chain began with a delicatessen in the borough. And given their recent financial troubles it's not a surprise they're looking for ways to co-opt the Hipsturbia hysteria. Go back to O...oh.

[h/t Brokelyn]