After a few years focusing on the foods of the British empire, AvroKO has gone and re-imagined its Bowery and Bleecker restaurant Double Crown as Saxon + Parole, an American restaurant with a focus on grilling. Brad Farmerie, the chef at PUBLIC and a former Next Iron Chef contestant, is running the kitchen there and is serving up an interesting initial menu consisting of "grilled meats and aquatic delights."

The menu (below) ranges from oysters to charcuterie to pork chops to steaks, all served with slight twists to keep things interesting. The $29 pork chop, for instance, is served with purple potato salad and a quince and apple sauce. In other words, it's exactly the solid fare you might expect from a new restaurant opening on the always hip Bowery. And anyway, you only half go to an AvroKO restaurant for the food: the scene that sells the place.

And as far as the scene goes, Saxon + Parole really is a looker. The bi-level restaurant runs with the restaurant's name (an homage to two turn of the twentieth century race horses) and has an equestrian theme running throughout. From some angles it's like you're eating in the hippest, best-smelling stable ever. At the same time, there are a number of modernist touches to the space—like the floating walls that include salvaged stable spindles. Giddy up!

316 Bowery (at Bleecker) // 212-254-0350