[Update Below]

We love being able to buy fresh produce, warm bread, a bottle of Pacifico and get a haircut and never leave the building. Thus, we love the Essex Street Market, a bastion of affordable, wholesome living on the Lower East Side. However, rising rent forced famed butcher Jeffery Ruhalter out of his space in March, and the New York City Economic Development Corporation, who runs the building, keeps promising that the Seward Park Urban Renewal project may eventually force the market to move. That's why one of Essex's famed tenants, Saxelby Cheesemongers, is urging folks to show up to Wednesday's CB 3 Meeting to protest its "possible demolition and relocation."

A petition that has been circulated by Save the Essex Street Market is close to its goal of 2,000 signatures, but we're not sure that the NYCEDC will really care in the face of the money to be made in the rapidly gentrifying LES. So Saxelby's will be there "with bells on" to voice their opposition. Given how much we already miss Jeffery's homemade italian sausages, it's worth a few minutes of your time to keep the market, which has been compared to Sesame Street, where it's been for nearly 71 years.

Update: A representative from the NYCEDC told us the following regarding the future of the Essex Street Market:

We are fully committed to the Essex Street Market and its place as a cornerstone of the Lower East Side. Presently we are engaged in an important conversation with the community to determine the market’s future, which includes the possibility of bringing vendors into a modernized, energy efficient facility. We have and we will continue to work with market vendors throughout this process to determine the best options. Any final decision will reflect our longstanding commitment to the market’s success and the important role it plays in the neighborhood.