Doughnuts are stepping into the lunchasphere next week as The Doughnut Project begins a week-long celebration of savory-style doughnuts, specifically those with a meaty bent. The inventive new shop begins "Meat Week" next Monday, where they'll be offering limited editions of their yeast doughnuts flavored and topped with some form of charcuterie or other meat-related ingredient. The special doughnuts will only be available between noon and 1 p.m. each day.

The lineup begins with a Prosciutto, Pear & Olive Oil doughnut (pictured above), followed by Soppressata with Rhubarb on Tuesday. Wednesday's offering is a Monte Cristo doughnut filled with strawberry balsamic jelly and topped with rosemary ham and Murray's Cheese swiss cheese, which are toasted onto the doughnut then sprinkled with powered sugar. The week rounds out with a Bone Marrow offering on Thursday and an Adult PB&J (foie gras whipped into peanut butter with concord grape jelly) on Friday.

The shop has experimented with unusual toppings and flavors since day one, offering a DIY doughnut option that included things like guanciale and cheeses and their Everything Doughnut caused a bit of a stir when they debuted it in February. The flavors for next week are completely new (prices range from $4.25 to $5.75) and sound like they're already primed for doughnut infamy.