Photograph of the Cheyenne's exterior at night by Goggla on Flickr

Beloved Chelsea standby, the Cheynne Diner, closed two weeks ago so the site's owner could begin work on a 9-story building that will bring in rental income. But now, regulars can look forward to visiting the diner across the East River in Red Hook!

AMNY's Urbanite spoke to preservationist Michael Perlman, who said, "I am elated to report that a contract has been signed between George Papas and its new owner, Mike O'Connell. It will gain a new lease on life in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and contribute to the appeal of an up & coming neighborhood"

Perlman, who helped orchestrate the Moondance Diner's move to Wyoming last year, said he would help the two parties with all the permits needed to move the structure (that's how the Moondance left town). Papas said, "I'm really, really happy the Cheyenne's not being demolished, and will stay in NY."

Aw, that's great! We hope it works out, though some might say Red Hook is in the throes of de-gentrification.