2007_04_redhookball1.JPGAs we mentioned earlier this week, the vendors who set up shop at the Red Hook ballfields may be at risk for losing their permit. According to the New York Times, the vendors have operated for years under a series of temporary use permits, but now they will have to place a formal bid with the city in order to remain in the space. But the vendors are not guaranteed to win this bid, so the fans of this culinary community institution have rallied behind it.

Grub Street rounded up some big name support, including chefs Tom Colicchio, Zak Pelaccio and Andrew Carmelinni, and food journalists Dana Bowen, Ed Levine, and Jennifer Leuzzi, among others. New blog Save Soccer Tacos even provides a form message you can send to Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe and Red Hook Councilwoman Sara M. Gonzalez to show your love for the vendors, and, in case you aren't sure that sending an email can make a difference, Cesar Fuentes, the Executive Director of the Food Vendors Committe of Red Hook Park, expresses his gratitude in this comment to a Serious Eats post:

Dear Friends,
Thanks so much for your concern, care, love and support for our affair and attention to our current situation. This is indeed a very difficult time for us. As we are about to wage an uphill battle with the system, all your comments and response to this situation makes us feel we are not alone- and also loved. This show of affection will give us strength to continue advocating for the rightful preservation of this unique & traditional affair. Your letters and emails to Parks and city official will certainly go a long way in making a strong case for our appeal -which was officialy sent to Parks Commissioner Benepe yesterday. Thanks again for your appreciation of our humble affair, which is now, more than ever, dedicated to all of you.

In case you want some inspiration, here's a closer look at what you might be missing in the not-too-distant future:
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: Ed Levine reports that Senator Chuck Schumer will hold a press conference tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. at the Red Hook ball fields in support of vendors. Huzzah!