Everyone can agree that Mondays are a total drag and unless you're tripping balls, chances are it's not going to get much better. But Chef David Santos—who runs the kitchen at five-month-old West Village restaurant Louro—thinks he has the antidote to the dreaded day in the form of weekly supper clubs. Every Monday the chef invites diners for themed dinners—sometimes cooked by Santos, sometimes by guest chefs—around seasonal items, holidays and even television shows. "We were looking for something fun we could do to make Monday night something people could look forward to," explains Santos. "So that’s how Nossa Mesa was born"

Santos's supper clubs aren't a new concept for him; the chef started his supper club Um Segredo out of his Roosevelt Island apartment before moving to Louro last December. Since then he's hosted everything from butchering parties to Swamp People-themed events, and earlier this week created a five-course cocktail pairing menu with mixologist Mayur Subbarao.

We were invited for the booze-heavy dinner and can confirm that it's a vast improvement over eating cold lo mein leftovers and plowing through Boy Meets World reruns on the DVR—not that there's anything wrong with that. Chef Santos is a gracious host, taking the time to explain dishes and his inspiration. In a town beleaguered by self-declared, Instagram-addicted foodies, the evening was decidedly free of any posturing or snobbery. We even met some folks who'd been attending Santos's dinners since the Um Segredo days, a testament to both his delicious food and effusive personality.

Nossa Mesa's upcoming calendar contains enticing options for the next few weeks, including a Sustainable Seafood menu [pdf] on April 8th, a Spring Vegetarian menu [pdf] on April 14th and a "Save the Ramps" dinner on April 22nd. To that, Chef Santos decrees: "There are so many other fun spring ingredients to focus on and on this Earth Day dinner let’s do that. Let’s focus on spring ingredients that aren’t being plundered like a village attacked by Vikings!" TO BATTLE!

Dinners mentioned here are all $55 (excluding tax and tip) and even better: unless otherwise noted, all of the Nossa Mesa Monday night dinners are BYOB. To make a reservation for Nossa Mesa, email nossamesa@louronyc.com or call 212-206-0606.