2007_08_knives.jpgFeast of San Gennaro. Manhattan’s Little Italy may be constantly shifting borders and shrinking, but this event seems to get bigger every year. Plunk down $3 for a big plastic cup of Italian bianco with peaches. When you’re done sipping, you can fish out the large hunks of wine-steeped fruit with your straw. It’s worth waiting on the long lines for kettle-fried zeppolis that come by the half or full dozen, shook up in a plain brown paper bag and coated with confectioner’s sugar. Just give them a couple of minutes to cool down before you start eating- they’re about 300 degrees fresh out of the oil. September 13-27, sangennaro.org

The Atlantic Antic. As the date nears, we’ll be providing a detailed map of this year’s Atlantic Antic, which will combine local restaurant offerings (whole roasted pig from Jolie, bahn mi from Nicky’s) with street food. For now, planning ahead is key. More previews include Blue Marble Ice Cream’s organic cones, and stuffed grape leaves put out by Sahadi’s. Fried sardines and fresh squeezed lemonade are just a few other things that will be available on the street. The 2007 Atlantic Antic takes place on September 30- this year’s is especially focused on Brooklyn chow found along the block. atlanticave.org